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Everything You Need To Put On a Full Scale Theatre Production.

Whether you are an experienced drama director or a beginner, this is the place for you to obtain complete information about directing a play. The Drama Teacher’s Survival Guide: A complete handbook for play production is about how one person can run a successful extracurricular drama program, from administrative detail and play selection to the actual performance before an audience.  This is not intended as a manual or a comprehensive study of stagecraft but rather as a collection of suggestions and vignettes of personal experience.  Nineteen chapters cover everything from rehearsal schedules to budgets to hair and makeup. It is suitable for junior and senior high school theatre programs and works equally well for Community Theatre, camp directors and church groups. It’s just possible, though, you’ll love the additional resources even more — 20 pages of various reproducible forms to use and hand out (see below), followed by an extensive glossary of theatrical terms and a bibliography of additional resources.

This book also includes several warm up exercises as well as character analyses, using drawings and collages (with reproducible forms), and improvisational games such as animals, objects, food, and wants helping students understand their characters. The focus of her book stresses the fact that plays are about people (characters) telling their stories at a given time in their lives, not fancy sets, lighting or costumes. The 2nd Edition includes a new chapter–Chapter 20–entitled Drama Class which has 10 large group activities.


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Everything You Need To Get Your Drama Classroom Started. 

Ms. Johnson’s follow-up to her wildly popular The Drama Teacher’s Survival Guide: A complete handbook of play production focuses on teaching drama in the classroom. This book is an incredible resource both to new drama teachers searching for inspiration and experienced drama teachers looking to spice up their lesson plans, and reproducible forms, tests, and handouts add even more value to this survival kit.

The Drama Teacher’s Survival Guide #2: Activities, exercises and techniques for the theatre classroom is broken down into units that can either stand-alone or be used together.  These highly informative units include:  The First Week, Technical Theater, Choral Reading, Mime, Stage Fighting, Solo and Duo Acting Activities, Working with Monologues, and Students Writing Their Own Show.  Each chapter contains in-depth descriptions of activities to further the students’ understanding of the subjects, illustrated examples of scenes and products created by real students, detailed explanations of theater techniques, and timelines for how long the unit should take. As with the original book, it will banish your stress and guarantee your success!