Awards & Honors


Initiated at Sentinel


Drama Competition 

Participated from 1965-1977 winning several 2nd places at state as well as over 15 First Place individual events


International Level

      State level

Acting Roles


  • Community Theatre  Martha/Hospitality ’13
  • MCT    Dr. Sawyer/Miracle on 34th Street ’12
  • MAT   Martha/Arsenic & Old Lace ‘11
  • MCT    Martha/White Christmas ’10
  • MAT    Peter Quince/Midsummer Night’s Dream ’10
  • MCT     Miss Lynch/Grease’10
  • MCT     Mrs. Mopps/Christmas Carol ‘10


  • MCT    Mustang Sally/Oliver ‘09
  • MCT    Yertle the Turtle/Seussical ‘08
  • MCT    Ma Burnside/Mame ‘07
  • MCT    Aunt Eller/Oklahoma07
  • MCT    Bartender, Aristocrat/My Fair Lady ‘06
  • MCT    Dance Hall Girl/Paint Your Wagon ‘05
  • MCT    Marge Welch/Damn Yankees ‘05
  • MCT    Aunt Tilly/It’s A Wonderful Life ‘04
  • MCT    Widow Dougles/Big River ‘04
  • MCT    Mrs. Chauvenet /Harvey  ‘03
  • MCT    Pirate/Pirates of Penzance ‘03
  • Video   The Driver’s Test (U of M)
  • MCT    Mother Superior/Nunsense ‘02
  • Video   —Quest of the Mundane (U of M)
  • MCT    Housekeeper/Man of LaMancha ‘01
  • MCT    Betty/ The Foreigner ‘01
  • Video   —The Bus Stop (U of M)


  • Video   —A Solder’s Story (U of M)
  • MCT    Reverend Mother/Nunsense II ’93
  • Participated in the opening ceremonies for U of M Centennial Celebration
  • U of M   Veta Louise/Harvey
  • U of M   Matron/Chicago


  • Video       Madame Serafina/Gift of the Magi     (U of M)
  • U of M     Betty /The Foreigner
  • U of M     Chorus Member/Cabaret
  • U of M     Teacher/Grease
  • U of M     General/Guys And Dolls
  • U of M     Aunt Eller/Oklahoma
  • U of M     Mrs. Higgins/My Fair Lady


  • U of M      Aunt Eller/Oklahoma
  • U of M      Madge/Philadelphia Here I Come
  • U of M      Cook/Life With Father
  • U of M      Housekeeper/Man Of LaMancha


  • U of M      Madame Cot/Hotel Paradiso
  • U of M      Grandmother/Clerembard
  • U of M      Maxine/Night Of The Iguana
  • St. Paul Community Theater   Lydia/Annabelle Broom
  • Macalester      Fortune Teller/Skin of our Teeth
  • Macalester     Mrs. Summey/Dark of the Moon
  • Macalester     Lydia/Annabelle Broom
  • Macalester     Mrs. Watty/The Corn is Green

“We make it ourselves!” from ARSENIC & OLD LACE


Judge Yertle from SEUSSICAL

Aunt Eller & Curley from OKLAHOMA

The evil Mrs. Sawyer–“You’re Fired” from MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET

Martha, the crazy & weird Aunt Martha, “I believe everything can be solved in the soul.” from HOSPITALITY